You asked for it!

(OK, that might not be true. More accurate: You might be one of the people who asked for it…)

I hope you got to spend quality time over the last few days with some of your favorite people.

Now that a new year is approaching, it’s a great time for some change especially regarding your appearance, wouldn’t you agree!? #NewYearNewYou

This is where sporting a wig may be a fantastic new addition to your wardrobe. A wig helps you discover your own unique style rather than follow the trends-because authenticity is always in fashion!

I’ve created a short video and addressed the top three concerns about owning and wearing a wig which are:

Are they…

I’ll also show you how to put a wig on!

One more great reason to wear a wig-you’re considering growing out your haircut or hair color but do not want to look icky throughout the process.

Catherine has several wigs that she bought from me and was recently considering growing out her natural hair color, which is mostly grey. She and I set up an in-person appointment to talk about her options and brainstorm ideas about purchasing another wig to help with this process.

After our initial consult, she’s decided to maintain her color and cover up her grey outgrowth but she did end up buying another wig! How fabulous is this look for her?! It’s quite different than any other style that she’s ever had. She also got this headband from Glamhairus to keep her warm for the winter and I think the two pair perfectly together!

Catherine’s natural hair is very long, thick and straight.

Inspired to do a wig try-on “sesh”? Email me at and we’ll get you set up for an appointment!


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