Thanks for taking me to bed with you

I hope your December is fantastic so far!!

Here’s a fun little stat that learned about recently. 58% of adults check email in bed!

That really doesn’t surprise me because I sure do! (Most nights I check that last email minutes before dozing off and often before I even hop out of bed to start my coffee in the morning.) Do you?!

I’ve got a great story to share with you about one of my clients, Regina.

And I say “client” loosely because I haven’t actually even met her!

You see, most of my clients come regularly to me to maintain their hair color, haircut, extensions or keratin treatment! But Regina is a different kind of client because she already has a regular hairstylist.

Through my company Glamhairus, I sell custom accessories to my clients and for Regina I get to help accessorize her, her family and her coworkers for the holidays.

It’s overwhelming to holiday shop every single year for everyone in your family-I get it! That’s why I love this part of my business.

 I started by asking for a few pictures to get some ideas. For example: she sent me a picture of her daughter wearing her winter coat so I could see what she looks like and to coordinate a hat and glove combo that she would (hopefully) open up and LOVE on Christmas Day! Her daughter is almost a teenager and has the most beautiful coco-colored skin and chocolate brown hair. Here’s what she chose for her daughter which I think will look Fab with her grey winter coat.

On to her work staff. She had men and women of all different ages to shop for. (30-60 years old) So we needed a variety of gloves, hats, scarves, earrings and hair accessories for her crew. Here’s some of what she got:

After everything was shipped out, I just had to follow up to check in and make sure that she was happy with her purchases.

This is what she had to say:
“I did. Love everything! I’m going to have trouble not keeping some of this for myself lol”

Head to The Shop to check out our brand new accessories and keep me in mind the next time you’re shopping for someone else and you have no idea what to get them! I’d love to do the shopping for you!


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