Boy was I nervous (shaking like a leaf) and how I talked myself off the cliff

Happy December! I don’t know about you but I’m reallyyyy getting into the Christmas spirit now! In fact, the first thing I do when I hop out of bed in the morning is turn on all of my Christmas lights around the house. This makes me very very happy!

Whenever I style any client of mine I try my hardest to make a good impression, bring an A++ service to them and leave them feeling beautiful. After all I LOVE what I do for a living and I know my client deserves it PLUS that’s how I get many of my new clients-through word of mouth!

Star Jones was referred to me and I had the experience of styling her not once not twice but three times. Woohoo!

What an amazing opportunity it was for me and great news-she loved her hair, we had a good connection and she booked me again.

But boy was I nervous (shaking like a leaf)

I had to pump myself up before our first appointment but I knew I was definitely up for the challenge. I thought to myself, “she’s just like anyone else-she has a mom and a dad she has good days and bad days, she’s probably had her heart broken once or twice she’s had a crappy haircut and she pays taxes-how hard could this be?!? I’ve been doing hair for over 20 years- I got this!!!”

To my surprise..

She was warm yet direct, personable yet professional and she knew exactly how she wanted her hair, which was fabulous for me and easier than I thought! I did have a few different ideas about what to do with her hair but I wanted her to trust me first so I just did what she asked (this time)

On our third date..

I persuaded her to try a slightly different style for this TV appearance. I was going out on a limb a bit but I looked at it like any other client appointment. I’m getting paid to and it’s my job to make suggestions on a style that may work better for one of my lovely clients! She loved it and I hope we get to work together again soon!

The funny thing is..

I had to be my own cheerleader again for the other celebrities that I styled as well! To me if you’re never nervous about what you do for a living then you’re living too much in your comfort zone. Nope, nada, not up in here!

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I hope to see you in my chair real soon!


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