This is for the man in your life

I have so many more female clients than I do male clients so that’s why I gear my styling tips towards you, my female bombshell friend.

However, I know you have a hubby, boyfriend, brother, son, Dad or guy friend in your life that may find this information helpful or interesting 🙂 So please pass this along to them!

My male clients often have a hard time getting their hair to style the way they’d like it to. Yes, my friend, men have the same problems we do! When I ask about their at home hair routine, 99% of the time they tell me they wash their hair daily.

My #1 styling tip for men:

Wet your hair in the shower but do not wash it every day!

I promise this will give the man in your life a much easier hair styling advantage. Why? Because the hair product and/or natural oils in the hair and on the scalp from the day before make for much easier styling on day two. I would even say skip the washing for 2 days and just rewet in the shower each day!

This tip also works for women with short hair like a bob or short layered haircut. In addition, this works for someone that wears a natural curl who can just rewet and add a bit more styling lotion after the shower.

Styling tip #2:

If you wake up with bed head whatsoever then you can “spot” wet the problem area. Pull your hair up in a shower cap when you shower and after you’re out use a water bottle (or root lifter) to dampen the specific area that needs a little extra TLC.

Have you tried any of this before? I’d love to hear about it if so and if you have any styling questions, ask away 🙂

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