You’re taking away all of my dresses?!?

Two random things that would ALWAYS get me in trouble when I was young and how they turned out being beneficial as an adult…

I was a rebellious girly girl from an early age (imagine that:)) and when I was acting up my Dad would take away or ‘ground me’ from wearing any of my dresses to school! That means I had to wear jeans-yuk!! He liked to ‘get me where it hurts’ to encourage me to listen to all of his crazy rules! As an adult I can appreciate what he and my mom were trying to teach me back then.

Another, now funny, thing he used to say to me since I was five years old is “STOP talking to all the other kids during class-you’re supposed to be listening and paying attention to what the teacher is saying!” My teachers would call me the social butterfly, which made my Dad irate when that was noted on my report card at the end of almost every quarter!

This was a terrible time for me haha- but I just couldn’t help myself from chatting it up with the entire class and having my own opinions!!

At the beginning of my career as a hairstylist (22 years ago) he said he was glad that I didn’t listen to him and now get paid to talk for a living and dress how I want.

I often refer to myself as a “hair-a-pist.” Lots of talking and listening on a daily basis for me 🙂

With all that being said here is what’s new with Glamhairus aka my five-year-old-social-butterfly-love-to-talk-wear-what-I-want-self!

In this video, is our brand new Glamhairus bags and how I paired a few of them with clothes that I already had in my closet!


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