The MOST asked question that I get from my clients, especially in the summer!

“I have uneven, frizzy and ugly curls, how do I get my hair to look good using my natural wave?!”

So glad you asked, 827th client 🙂 🙂 If you’ve seen any of my YouTube videos in the past, you’ve probably heard that I can’t take credit for coming up with ideas for the videos! I listen when my clients talk about(or ask) what questions they have in regards to styling their “problem” hair. Well this video is no different, Only the question comes from a friend of mine, who isn’t a hair client. I saw her recently when her hair was damp and couldn’t believe what a beautiful natural wave she had to it! She of course asked “how do I style my hair wavy, I have no idea?”

If you’ve wondered the same thing this video is for you!

After watching I’d love to hear if you’ve tried styling your hair like this or if you have a specific tip or trick that works for you to enhance any of your natural wave!



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