“I like my money right where I can see it…hanging in my closet”- Carrie Bradshaw

I love an inspirational quote, don’t you?!

Speaking of inspiration, I’ve been pretty inspired by the fall fashion that I’ve seen lately on the streets and on social media! It’s getting me amped up to get especially creative in my own closet (now that I have a walk-in closet and can see all of my items in one place-wigs, dresses, heels, jewelry, etc!) Yeass :):)

And you know what? Closet clean outs and closet editing are a favorite service of mine that I offer because it’s darn exciting to help my busy clients shop inside their own closet! To get an idea, check out the video below where one of my clients agreed to let us record how her wardrobe editing appointment went down!


Why this type of service may be right for you:

1. You’re busy and need a second opinion or suggestion on what colors and styles look good on you for the change of season, what’s on trend that works well with your lifestyle or how to transition into the cooler temps without breaking the bank

2. You’ve had a lifestyle change (a new baby, a new job, a new love interest) and need to revamp your current style

3. You’re looking for more creativity in your wardrobe (you typically wear style A or style B and would like a style option like C or D)

What are you waiting for my friend?! If you’d like to start with an over the phone consultation, please email me at gina@glamhairus.com so we can set on up!

Much love!

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