I have 11 of the same pieces of clothing in my closet‼️ Do you⁉️

Do you want a few quick and easy tips on cleaning out your closet now that it’s 2018 and time for a new you? Of course that’s after food cleansing, gym visits, and much needed yoga due to holiday overindulging.

Typically when working with clients on closet clean outs and wardrobe editing, I always say NO to the question, “if I really really like this top, dress, pants should I get them in more than one color?” (Or worse yet, in as many colors as they carry!) That’s so darn boring I can’t even handle it!

For a piece that is SUPER versatile, flattering and you can wear it all year long and for many different occasions this is the exception.

For me it’s a pencil skirt, I have them in a variety of colors and material, and here are a few of the many ways I like to wear mine.

1.  In the spring or summer, while running errands or meeting friends for brunch, I pair one with a crop top and wedges or flip flops.

2.  On a date night, I add a sexy tank top and heels or for a more conservative look, with a sweater or a motorcycle jacket and booties.

3. To a family event, bridal shower, birthday party, I add a blouse and strappy heels

What’s the one piece that you have too many of in your closet? Tell me in the comments below


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XO Gina

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