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After wearing extensions and specializing in them for almost 15 years I’ve gotten many questions about the process so I thought I would answer some of the questions here.
How long do they last? Do they damage your natural hair? What does maitenance look like? How do I match them to my natural hair? Can I still color my hair regularly? Can I still pull my hair up? I love an inquisitive client because that usually means they want to know what they’re getting into before a big commitment., which typically creates a good relationship with them and their new service!
I specialize and am certified in many different kinds of extensions, but the ones I believe in most are cold fusion or I-Tip extensions. They are very comfortable to wear and very gentle on your natural hair.
Do extensions damage your natural hair? I can only speak for myself as a stylist, but if I ever think this type of extension (or any kind) would not be a good idea for a client, I would strongly urge them NOT to get them. If you come in for your 6-8 week touch ups, use the extension brush and follow a few simple maintenance recommendations there shouldn’t be any damage done to your real hair.
They can be ordered in 50 different colors ranging from blonde to black (including brand new ombré teal, silver, and red colors!) They can also be custom ordered to match your texture (wavy, straight or curly) which helps it look the most blended and natural when completed.
Installation and maitenance:
The original time it takes to install a full set (100-150 pieces) is approximately 2 1/2 to 3 hours. Touch up appointments need to be done approximately every 6-8 weeks and typically take 60-90 minutes. Less time if you only have a half set.
You can wash, brush and curl your hair as you normally would with the extensions. Pony tails and topknots can definitely still be done with extensions because they are typically not put in within one inch of the hairline all the way around the head. Here are a few pictures of clients that I recently did cold fusion extensions on.
Full set- 125 pieces

1/4 set-25 pieces

1/2 set-50 pieces

Want to set up a consultation? Email our team and check out more pictures of our extension clients on our hair gallery.

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