Want More Youthful, Shiny, Hydrated Hair?!

As we age our skin and hair can dry out and worse, look dry! The key to looking youthful is a shiny and hydrated look with our skin and our hair. It’s very simple to make your hair appear younger by getting a keratin treatment. The treatments last 2-3 months, take 60-90 minutes to treat and apply AND they have instant results. You will literally walk away with your hair feeling like butter!
Keratin treatments are amazing for so many reasons and here are a few of my favorite reasons:
1. They reduce the overall frizz by 70-80%.
2. After getting a treatment, the styling time at home is reduced in half and in many cases more than that!
3. It takes away up to 50% of the curl but keeps some of it so you can still wear your hair wavy or curly.
4. It locks in your color which makes your color last longer.
5. It protects your hair to prevent breakage from at-home styling with an iron.
The BEST compliment many of my clients have received is, “did you do something different with your hair? It looks so shiny and soft!” It’s a subtle change to your overall look but makes your life much easier.
I like to refer to a keratin treatment as a face lift for your hair!
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XO Gina

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